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Keeping Your Lawn And Garden Beautiful - Mole Control

Sam Robbins has been spending more and more time in his beautiful yard, admiring the incredible work of his landscape professional and the newly decorated patio. Then one morning, he went out to water the flowering creations in large pots on his patio when he noticed an unusual development throughout his lawn. It had just been mowed the day before by the lawn care specialist, using a huge push mower, so Sam instantly suspected that had damaged his lawn. He saw random lines across his yard, sometimes intersecting, sometimes disappearing under flower beds and fence lines. Those lines were eruptions where the grass had been burrowed under and the turf separated from the soil under it. There were also random holes that hadn't been there before.

Sam's beautiful lawn and garden had been damaged to the extent that it was unsightly and perhaps even the disturbed grass could die. Sam was upset but determined to find out what caused the eruptions. He walked around stomping the sod back …

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